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To save canine lives in the following ways:

 1.  To prevent the canine being returned to a shelter because of behavioral issues.  
 2.  When the leash breaks and the dog runs toward a busy road, an obedience cue/compliance will save a life.

In Addition;  have fun while learning more than basic obedience; learn how to have an outstanding companion dog.  Become a dog whisper/listener.
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Dog Training, and correcting behavior issues with a positive approach- so that living with your pet is a pleasure:  That is what Pawsitive Thinking is about.


Training includes not only how you learn to be a good leader of your pack, but also teaches your dog how to be a well-mannered, good citizen.  Cues (obedience commands) are simple to learn and fun to practice.  Teaching our dogs our language should be more that sit, stay, heel and recall.   It should be the foundation of a loving relationship with a dog that is in BALANCE (Happy).


Training includes:  The cues - Watch me, Sit, Down, Stay, Recall (come), Wait, Leave it, Drop it,  Heel, No pull walking, and Proper Elimination behavior.  We also learn to stop unwanted behaviors like jumping, biting, inappropriate chewing, digging, barking and separation anxiety.   Basic, intermediate and advanced training is offered.


With years of experience, I have helped all sizes and breeds of dogs learn good behavior.


My specialties in behavior modification include:  Aggression- dog to dog and dog to human, excessive fearfulness as well as excessive barking, separation anxiety, running away, jumping, and pulling.


If you are tired of your dog's problem behavior, come have some fun and learn to enjoy your dog, and your dog will learn to become a model citizen.


The Pawsitive Thinking methodology:

Use a SCALE to help balance YOUR dog.

Use the S.C.A.L.E to help your dog become BALANCED, happy, and able to listen:

  1. Socialization
  2. Communication                         
  3. Affection
  4. Leadership
  5. Exercise

To learn more, please feel free to view my methodology page or bio page, contact me, attend one of my seminars, classes or read the book, "Sit, Down, Stay:  Dog Training so Easy a Human Can do it"

Well behaved, age 14 2015
Rudy, one of my senior adoptees


Services available in

       Private lessons or group classes 
Starting in 2019, my semi retirement will eliminate group classes,
Private sessions and home visits still available.
  • Behavior Modification: 
    Correcting small problem issues including barking, biting, jumping, pulling, digging, and running away.    Correcting major issues:  Dog/Dog aggression and Dog/people aggression.
  • Puppy training (9 weeks to 6 months) 
    Check the Pacifica Parks and Recreation "Play" book for class start sessions
  • Basic Obedience Training  (6 months and older)
    Check the Pacifica Parks and Recreation "Play" book for class start session.
  • Pet First Aid training (based on Red Cross training) -TBD and private groups.
  • Dog training - Pacifica Parks and Rec. Click on the following site icon: Pull down menu at the top- select teen and adult class, then go to Dog and Puppy Training.


Would you like some help picking out the type of dog you want?
Go to this LINK, fill out the questions and several breeds will be presented.  Then, please go rescue a dog that is either one of the breeds suggested, or a combination of breeds or one that grabs your heart. is a great place to locate your next love.





A Proven Methodology
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Pacifica Tribune June 6th 2007

Pawsitive Thinking

is a fun, easy and informative dog
 training book based on success with thousands of dogs -

Dog finally reveals
the truth behind
Pawsitive Thinking

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A Hightly respected professional Organization

I am also a Professional Member of :
Professional Member
In Safe Hands

Professional Behaviorists
Only Trained Behaviorists as members

I was the Founder and President
We helped build the first dog park in Pacifica


Animal Behavior College
I am currently a Mentor/Trainer for ABC

For 12 years, I was a dog trainer and coach
Petco dog trainers

I am a certified by the AKC....Click on this logo
Learn about the Canine Good Citizen Test


 SF Bay Area:

    • In Home training 
    • Service Dog - Diabetic detection
    • Clicker Training (TRICKS)    
      Check the Pacifica Parks and Recreation "Play" book for class start sessions. 
    • Canine Good Citizen Class                                  
    • Mommies To Be and Doggie Preparation 
    • Canine Good Citizen testing (Certified by the American Kennel Club)  Click on the underlined CGC link and find the 10 tests to pass for certification.
    • Dog Safety lectures - available upon request         
      Learn how to make friends with dogs, children can become less fearful and learn how not to get bitten.
    • Overcoming Re-homing Issues
    • Pre Puppy-Adoption Counseling                
                                   Start with Dr. Dunbar"s "Before you get your Puppy"   

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Pacifica recently had a horrible tragedy, a woman died and her pet Pitbull was the suspect.  Channel 7, KGO, ABC news came to me for a comment.   Click on the NEWs button below to view the clip, (the news clip is no longer live, so it will take a few minutes to download this clip)



                                                                     December 2011


 Dozer is the "foreman" for the ground breaking of the first Dog Park in Pacifica


Pawsitive Thinking was awarded this seal for recommendations from folks in our community:

This appears to be a very informative link for pet safety tips: 

Dozer, the Author - For more click on picture
He is no longer alive, but his influence is felt always

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NEWS!!!! This proven dog training methodology is available for humans:  Dozer (the dog who helped start Pawsitive Thinking) has written a book  (Bev -his human, translated). 
"Sit, Down, Stay:
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