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Client Experiences
Client Experiences
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Here are some of my client's comments:


"I cannot say enough positive things about our dog trainer, Bev Kingsbury.  She not only taught me how to overcome annoying habits with our terrier, she also brought her to the level of calmness and obedience required to be certified as a therapy dog.  As well, Bev worked with our blind rescue dog in her group class and provided specific reference information relevant to training special needs dogs.  Following her training advice our blind dog was also certified as a therapy dog 2 years ago, and is one of the hardest working and most popular on on our therapy team of 10+ dogs.
Her approach is always positive, enthusiastic, and she presents attainable goals personalized for you, your dog and your family.  She offers group and private training session."
R.M.J. of San Mateo

"Hi Beverly,
I want to thank-you for all of the wonderful leadership training that you taught us for Manson.  He is definitely not the same dog when you first met him.

Whitney, my daughter, was so happy and pleased with how he now listens to her and is so much calmer.  She and her roommate are now taking their dogs out for daily walks and at times running with them.  We had a gate that she took back with her and is now using that instead of the crate....great idea that you had, Bev.
Whitney is also continuing with giving him commands as well when she is walking him.   If we ever have him again, I would like for you to help us at the dog park to socialize him with the other dogs.
Thank-you for taking the time to talk to Whitney and for giving her all of those important, great tips on what she needed to do once she got home.  She shared these with her roommate who listened to Whitney and is following your advice as well with her dog.

We were very fortunate to have found you and cannot tell you how happy we are with the results that we saw with Manson in just three weeks.  You are a delightful person and an excellent dog trainer.  If you need any references, please use our name.  We would be very happy to talk or email anyone who wants to know about our experience with you as a dog trainer.
 Warmest Regards,
 Pam and David"/Hillsborough

"We were given Beverly's work as a gift, and what a gift! We had just gotten a lovely but very untrained rescue dog with some serious behavioral issues. Beverly explained the dog's behavior in very understandable terms, and then, explained what we needed to do to get the dog to do what we wanted in a non-punishing way. It was marvelous, and it worked. Naturally, when we got another dog, we immediately looked to see when Beverly was teaching her class. We have recommended Beverly and her work with dogs to all of our friends and to anyone else we see who has an unmanagable dog. She's amazing."     Stina Pope/Pacifica



Hades as a Pup
Hades first came to my classes at 12 weeks old

Hades at 6 month old
Hades is one of my best students


"Beverly Kingsbury is an awesome dog trainer.  I took my dog to two obedience classes before I met Beverly.  I felt that my dog and I learned almost nothing at the first two classes - they graduated my dog each time but she did not obey me and overall she was stressed and out of control.  I really felt that they didn't care about me and my situation; they merely wanted to collect the class fee.
I walked into Petco with my dog and we met Beverly.  I discussed some of my issues with her and she immediately picked up on my problem.  My dog was acting as leader in our house and I needed to assert myself as leader.  I took Beverly's class at Petco and she showed me specifically how to let my dog know I was in charge.  My dog changed dramatically during those 6 weeks of classes.  She started to calm down, she started to listen to me and she showed a lot less stress. 
Beverly truly knows how to work with animals and her love for them shines through.  Her classes are excellent and my dog and I had a great time learning together!  Anytime someone asks about my dog and comments on what a sweet personality she has, I don't hesitate to attribute that to Beverly and her wonderful classes!"  Bev Shapiro/San Mateo


Tia before the adobption

Tia now

"We adopted Tia, a 2-ish year old rescue Doberman, in June.  It wasn't exactly an impulse – we had been considering adopting a companion for our elderly dog Baxter ever since his lifelong friend Bear died two years earlier.  But each time we got close to searching, we “thought better” of it.  Then I saw Tia's picture on a rescue site and felt oddly drawn to meet her.  When Baxter approved in their initial introduction, we took her home.  But in order to smooth her transition into our lively household (we also have 5 cats and needed to know she wouldn't turn into a chaser/tormentor!), we wanted to get her into obedience training immediately.  We knew she would have lots of energy and anxiety to channel.  Tia came with an interesting mix of personality traits: very smart and a bit strong-willed, yet terribly anxious and fearful.  We could only guess at her rough beginnings, but mistreatment was clearly a part of it.


I still can't believe our good fortune at landing in Beverly Kingsbury's obedience class.  The course was already one session underway, but Beverly welcomed us into it, and the whole mixed-species household is better off for it!  Beverly is wonderfully “bilingual:” she anticipates missteps and misunderstandings on the part of a dog's human companion (let's face it: obedience training is more for us than the dog), and she understands how dogs think – all breeds and temperaments of dogs, as I witnessed in that class.  I think she has a bit of “dog whisperer” in her.  Beverly's insights into Tia's behaviors, and the ways to enhance the good and correct the bad, were consistently spot-on.  Tia now has great friendships with the cats, and is a delightful companion to humans.  Many thanks to Beverly!"   Marilyn Matevia/ formally of San Mateo




"Dear Beverly,
I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful dog training class that my daughter and I recently took with Kelly, our 5 pound 8 1/2 year old maltese yorkshire poodle mix. 
When we came to your class we explained how Kelly had never been trained and didn’t even know how to sit. Even though we have had her for the full 8 1/2 years we had never taken the time or effort to properly train her. Our 12 year old standard poodle, her best freind, had recently died and we could tell that she needed something to bring her spark back. 
My son signed us up for these classes and told me about it afterwards. I was very hesitant and figured after all these years it would be hard for her to learn anything. You explained how all dogs no matter how old can still learn, it just can take more time with some breeds than others and that smaller dogs can learn, but you have to be persistant and train everyday and not give up. After the first class , which Kelly spent most of trying to get me to pick her up, we were able to get her to sit. The reward system with treats that you teach is great. It keeps their attention and focuses on the positive, not the negative. 
Our next goal was to get Kelly in a down position. After our  second, third and fourth class she still was not able to do it. It was quite discouraging as all the other dogs in the class could do it. You told us to keep trying, have patience  and not give up. Every day we trained and finally my daughter came to me all excited and said Kelly could do it. Sit and down. It was like a lightbulb went on in her head. You had told us that some dogs have to hear it ten times and then they get it and some it takes 300 times. She was the 300 times.  After that breakthrough  the training became easier and better. Kelly really started to  enjoy her training sessions and will come and stand by me to get my attention so that I get her treat bag so we can train. 
During your classes we had to come up with a trick to teach our dog for our graduation day. I was quite nervous as there wasn’t anything “trick’ wise that I thought she could master in 2 weeks. The one thing she would do for your attention  was to sneeze and wag her tail. So I decided to treat her for sneezing. It didn’t take long for us to say  ‘‘Kelly sneeze’’ and she would, on command. Sometimes big sneezes and sometimes little ones, but sneezes non the less. I felt confident that I could get her to do this on graduation day and she did it. She also did all of the other commands that we had learned and practiced. It was an exciting day and most importantly she came away from your classes a happier and smarter dog with an interest in learning now.
We have since taught her to crawl, roll on her side like she is dead and paw at the ground, bark on command. Maybe not useful commands, but fun for her and fun for us to come up with something new for her to learn. She plays hide and go seek with my daughter, which she couldn’t do before because she wouldn’t stay.
Your classes and your knowledge were instrumental to us in being able to get Kelly to learn as she has.  I would reccomend your classes to anyone with  a dog, even if you think your dog can never learn,  is too old or stubborn.  Your classes are the best thing that you can do for your dog and for yourself. 
Thanks and keep up the good work!!!
Cindy Antoniazzi"/San Mateo


"Both my dog and my mom's dog  are proud graduates of Beverly's PetCo class.  My dog, Elvis, was a puppy and quickly learned the commands.  However, my mom's dog, Dino, was the shyest dog I ever met.  He didn't want to be pet, and wouldn't even sit on command.  Beverly was patient and had so much knowledge and experience that she shared with us.  She never gave up on Dino.  During Beverly's class, Dino's personality changed completely.  He slowly learned two commands and we all watched his confidence skyrocket.  Now, a few months after the class, he is a different dog.  In fact, he just now walked over to me to be pet....something he would never have done before Beverly's class.  Thank you Beverly for helping us mold our dog into a trained, lovable, family dog!

Debra, Ethan, Joyce, Elvis, and Dino"/Foster City


Other Client Experiences:

"Transformed from an antisocial puppy
to now a happy, playful, dog..... Thank you"

We needed a little help
Now a Great companion dog

This Pit really loves
A Fun Class

This young puppy learned, in a few days:
How to "ring the bell" to go outside and eliminate.

Class is fun for EVERYONE
Fun for everyone
A little socialization
All ages learn
So easy
Training so easy, young ones can do it

A student so tiny, he climbed inside Dozer's mouth
He is well and happy and still plays with Dog Author

Training is a family affair
A brother and sister learn together

Every student, 2 legged and 4, loves to learn
Everyone loves to learn
Class is for everyone

"Thanks for the great training"
"Love Taylor

Works over for these former students
When awake, they sometimes work with patients

One of the Happy graduates
Happy Graduate
Learning is fun and successful

My students often touch my heart
Learning to listen ALL THE TIME
Wanting to learn
Dogs want to learn

Two Great Gals
Had fun while they learned

"Dear Bev, Thanks for a wonderful training."

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