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My Methodology is based on Ethology (animal behavior) and Learning Theory

Learning Theory

Learning should be natural
Like Mom, like trainer

Essence of Basic Obedience


For the Dog:


Learning theory means a methodology based on science, what has proven to work on domesticated canines.  This is a teaching methodology that uses the knowledge of how dogs learn combined with a great deal of affection.  The techniques include operant conditioning, counter conditioning, desensitization, positive reinforcement and an abundance of praise and joy. 


An eager to learn pup
Eager pup
Started shy and became a star

For the Human:


A Dog has several needs, and if they are not fulfilled, it is very difficult for your dog to listen to you and be a happy dog.  If your dog is "out of balance", the result is that he listens to you only sometimes, and rarely when it’s critical.  More importantly, the dog can not relax, be content and feel safe (in dog language that translates to be happy).   I help you learn to effectively communicate with your canine, and teach you the tools to lovingly give your dog a very satisfying life.

Graduation Class
A Happy Class
Learned and had fun!



I use the S.C.A.L.E to help your dog become BALANCED, happy, and able to listen:

  1. Socialization
  2. Communication                         
  3. Affection
  4. Leadership
  5. Exercise

A sample of this methodology is found on the tips page

My mythodology of primarily positive reinforcement is not only based on science and proven successful, but:

Think of all the things our best friend does for us – provide therapy, guide the blind, help the hearing impaired, provide physical support for those who are unsteady on their limbs, herd our flocks, protect and serve those in law enforcement and the military, search for our missing loved ones, alert us to bombs or contraband or unsafe gasses, guard our homes, detect our cancer... provide unconditional love. Such an incredible creature.   They deserve the best.





This is a proven, fun and easy method of learning.

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My methodology embraces the following:

The following guidelines on the use of punishment with animal behavior problems was published by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, and is reprinted here with permission.

The AVSAB emphasizes that the standard of care for veterinarians specializing in behavior is that dominance theory should not be used as a general guide for behavior modification. Instead, the AVSAB emphasizes that behavior modification and training should focus on reinforcing desirable behaviors, avoiding the reinforcement of undesirable behaviors, and striving to address the underlying emotional state and motivations, including medical and genetic factors, that are driving the undesirable behavior


Leadership does not mean dominance; it means consistency, respect, and keeping the "Pack" safe.  In training it means NO MORE FREE LUNCH. 



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NEWS!!!! This proven dog training methodology is available for humans:  Dozer (the dog who helped start Pawsitive Thinking) has written a book  (Bev -his human, translated). 
"Sit, Down, Stay:
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